10 July 1998

Event defies


Sprays and Sprayers presented its annual opportunity

for agriculturalists to glean all that is new in

chemical application systems. Andy Collings and

Ian Marshall toured the lines

CLAIMED by its organisers to be Europes premier spraying equipment event, this years Sprays and Sprayers exhibition offered an array of machinery to the extent that few could dispute this claim.

Ignoring the pressing question of how the current state of the industry can support such a multitude of manufacturers, the event proved to be the launching point for a number of new developments, with a distinct emphasis on improved suspension for trailed machines.

On the Landquip stand, for example, air cushion suspension is now a feature on the companys range. Seen at Sprays and Sprayers fitted to the new Electrac 3000 trailed sprayer, the system comprises an axle-mounted airbag, a suspension leaf and a shock absorber.

Air pressure in the cushion is automatically adjusted in terms of load – an arrangement designed to maintain a constant ride height. Pressurised air is sourced from a compressor powered from a belt drive of the pto.

The same air supply is also used to operate a spray cut-off system.

Shut-off valves

The Pozi-Flo system uses air pressure to activate shut-off valves sited at each nozzle – the chemical being pumped to the nozzles is in constant pressurised circulation ensuring that spray restart is as instantaneous as the shut off operation.

Price of the Pozi-Flo system is put at about £1000 with air suspension adding a further £1400 onto the price of the sprayer.

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