Tribex lowers cost

9 August 2002

Tribex lowers cost

A FLUKE drench expected to cost about 15% less than its branded rival, was launched at Sheep 2002.

Marketed by Chanelle, the triclabendazole-containing product, known as Tribex can be used to treat and control mature, immature and early immature liver fluke, according to marketing manager Laura Ruane.

"It is the first licensed generic version of a triclabendazole-containing fluke drench. It will cost about 5-6p/dose less than the branded product. For a 50kg ewe this will work out at about 16p/dose."

Responding to the launch of Tribex, Lynda Maris of Novartis said her company was unlikely to reduce the price of Fasinex – the original triclabendazole drench. "This would not reflect the added value we offer, including a product guarantee, a customer careline and on-farm field force."

Tribex is available in 800ml, 2.2 litre and 5 litre packs for cattle and sheep. &#42

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