Twin-coil unit rolls out

8 August 1997

Twin-coil unit rolls out

CULTIVATOR manufacturer Franquet has now applied the Synchrospire twin-coil rear packer roller system to its latest combination cultivator, the Synchrosem.

Using a combination of tines, levelling bars and twin-coil rear roller, the Synchrosem cultivator has been developed for solo use, or in combination with conventional and pneumatic seed drills.

Franquet claims using the twin-coil rear roller system provides a more effective levelling and consolidation of the seed-bed, compared to traditional single packer roller and scraper systems.

"The interlocking coils and screwing action of the Synchrospire twin coil unit means the system is self-cleaning," explains Charlie Dyke of UK importer Vogel & Noot. "It also avoids power loss through not requiring scrapers."

Available in 3m (10ft) and 4m (13ft) working widths, the Synchrosem cultivator costs from £4860. A through-pto and headstock brackets adds £470, while the hydraulic drill hitch costs a further £990.n

Interlocking rear roller coils on the Franquet Synchrosem cultivator are said to provide a screwing and cutting action to level and firm the seed-bed.

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