Two-thirds of farmers against Euro

11 June 2001

‘Two-thirds of farmers against Euro’

By FWi staff

OVER 60% of farmers are against Britain joining the European single currency, according to a new survey by Lloyds TSB.

Only 33% of the 3000 farmers who responded to the banks questionnaire said they were in favour of scrapping the pound.

This is despite the fact that currency fluctuations have been one of the casual factors behind the collapse in farm incomes over the past four years.

The results show that the National Farmers Union (NFU) may be out of touch with its members, reports BBC Online.

The NFU has said that joining the Euro would be beneficial for the agriculture industry because it would get round exchange-rate problems with subsidies.

The survey also found that a 20% of farmers wanted subsidies scrapped, with another 22% in favour of an almost free market.

More than 40% of respondents said they found farming “continually stressful”, but nearly two-thirds said they would still be farming in five years time.


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