UK pig industry begins to rebuild

18 May 1999

UK pig industry ‘begins to rebuild’

SOME pig farmers are already anticipating a recovery in the market and beginning to rebuild their herds, reports The Herald.

The results of an industry survey undertaken by the UK agriculture departments in March show a swing towards increased output.

The survey suggests herd contraction has slowed and young breeding stock numbers appear to have been recovering.

It found the national herd of in-pig sows and gilts contracted by a further 6% in the first three months of the year. But increases in other sows (1.3%) and maiden gilts (2.2%) were recorded.

The newspaper expresses the view that the rise in numbers might cause concern in the industry. A reduced volume of British pork and bacon production is seen as essential to maintain the recent upturn in pig prices.

There is also no indication of a reduction in the pig herd on the Continent.

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