UK set to approve GM crop release

05 August 1999

UK set to approve GM crop release

THE UK is to approve the Europe-wide release of a genetically modified (GM) crop currently being tested, according to a report in The Independent.

It will vote at the European Union next week to allow so-called Part C approval of GM oilseed rape, which is currently being developed by AgrEvo.

France, Denmark, Greece, Italy and Luxembourg will vote against the application, predicts the paper.

But the UK government is apparently poised to vote for the GM oilseed rape to be used in animal feed and to be planted commercially by farmers.

Different angles on the debate over GM crops are pursued by other broadsheets.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Church of England has refused to allow the government to use its land to conduct trials of GM crops.

And the the pro-GM campaign is criticised in the Financial Times and The Guardian.

A director of GeneWatch UK, a GM lobby group, argues in a guest article in the FT that government GM trials will fail to show whether the technology is safe.

The report in The Guardian suggests that many agribusiness companies are becoming increasing concerned by the protests against GM foods in Europe.

Letters columns in The Times and the Financial Times are again preoccupied with the issue of GMs.

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