Uncaring and unpatriotic? UK shoppers

1 March 2000

Uncaring and unpatriotic? — UK shoppers

BRITISH shoppers are less perturbed than other Europeans about buying intensively-reared food, and are less likely to choose their own countrys products.

These are among the findings of research for international real estate consultant Healey and Baker, reports The Guardian.

Research was was based upon telephone interviews with 7000 Europeans in 12 countries.

Results showed that 57% of British would would try to buy British, compared to the 67% average who would choose their countrys products.

And 56% of Britons fail to check a products country of origin, compared with an average of 46%.

Forty three per cent of Britons would avoid intensively reared food, compared to 50% Europewide.

Only 70% preferred fresh to frozen food, against 80% across Europe.

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