Uneasy autumn ahead for pig farmers

By Peter Crichton

SIGNS in the marketplace are still of unsettled pig prices in the autumn ahead.

The latest UK AESA has stabilised at 92.61/t – although traders are reporting that spot pig supplies are down, this is adequate to meet demand.

Heavy cutters and light baconers weighing 63kg-75kg are worth 95p-1/kg.

The uncertainty facing the future of the Malton Bacon Factory continues.

Trade speculation is that Malton is facing two options following parent company Uniqs decision to sell off this part of the business.

Unless a buyer – for all or part of the company – can be found, Malton could serve notice on producers.

Most finishing contracts have notice periods of 8-12 weeks, so this could put a large number of surplus finished pigs on to the market at the end of the year.

The UK market continues to be overshadowed by European pig prices – French prices have dropped sharply to 80-85p/kg, which is tending to devalue other EU pigmeat quotes.

Germany is quoting 98p-1/kg deadweight, Denmark 90p/kg and Holland between 90p and 95p/kg.

Dutch imports accounted for almost 3000t last week, equivalent to 42,000 live pigs.

  • Peter Crichton is a Suffolk-based pig farmer offering independent valuation and consultancy services to the UK pig industry


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