Unnecessary lungworm outbreaks cost farmers a fortune

18 March 1998

‘Unnecessary’ lungworm outbreaks cost farmers a fortune

THE worlds largest animal health company has claimed that lungworm in adult cattle cost the dairy industry a fortune. But many outbreaks could be prevented.

US-based Merial says lungworm has increased fourfold throughout Britain with more than 500 cases recorded last year at veterinary investigation centres.

And it warns that there might be a link between the widespread use of North American Holstein Friesian bloodline and a possible resistance to the vaccine.

Early turnout, a longer grazing season and higher stocking rates are other factors pushing up the incidence of lungworm, the company says.

There was no excuse for having lungworm in adult cattle, said Merial. It could be prevented by following a sensible dosing programme and sound grazing management, the company concludes.

  • The Scotsman 18/03/98 page 26

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