US-style tractor-mounted drill launched

28 March 1997

US-style tractor-mounted drill launched

LAST summer saw Flexi-coil launch its first drill into the UK market – the Supreme Air cultivator drill; this year sees the introduction of a tractor-mounted version designed for use with a power harrow or other light cultivation equipment.

Designated the Mountie, the drill is available in 3m (9.8ft)and 4m (13.1ft) widths witha 6m (19.7ft) model set tobe launched later this year.

All models employ a seeding system developed in North America. Unlike the Accord system which uses a Venturi, the Flexi-coil drill has a pressurised seed hopper to equalise the pressure at the point where seed is fed into the air stream. This not only allows the seed to be metered more accurately, claims the manufacturer, it prevents a blow-back intothe seed hopper occurring.

Hopper capacity is 840 litres and seed rate can be adjusted from about 2kg to 930kg/ha (2-850lb/acre). Seed is delivered via two banks of Suffolk coulters mounted on a parallelogram space at 12.5cm (5in).

Equipped with tramlining, hopper and fan speed sensors as standard, a 3m version is listed at £9000 and a 4m at £10,500.

The Mountie tractor-mounted joins the range of drills from Flexi-coil.

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