US/UK joint venture buys German soya plant

13 August 1997

US/UK joint venture buys German soya plant

FWI staff reporters

THE European Commission has cleared the path for a UK and US joint venture to purchase German soyabean crushing company Soya Mainz.

UK-based company Acatos & Hutcheson has teamed up with US company Arther Daniels Midland (ADM) in its purchase of Soya Mainz. The German company produces oil meals, edible oils and lecithins.

ADM, ranking among the worlds largest agricultural processors and commodity traders, provides the muscle in the transaction, while Acatos & Hutcheson – which processes and markets edible oils – already has expertise in the European market.

The EC has approved the takeover, saying it does not lead to the creation of a dominant position for the joint-venture partners.

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