24 July 2002


Model 8350 HiTech.

Score llmmm

Mouse clicks to spec sheet Depends on site.

Time to spec sheet Depends on site.

Local dealer listing Only if visitor registers.

Clicks to find local dealer Depends on site.

Option info No.

Warranty info No.

Novel features Games, e-cards, tractor pulling area.

Power Farming view requires registration to move beyond tractor marketing blurb, involving submission of personal info used for dealer location. Even then theres no 8350 spec sheet. But access is open at the faster-loading home base (www., with a 8350 spec sheet on screen and pages in common – though a dealer request leads only to importer details and the UK site. Inconsistent, irritating approach a pity, as compact pages are easy to wander through and brimming with good design.

Valtras world site gives open access to tractor details…

…Whereas the UK site requires registration to pass beyond marketing blurb.

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