Vegetarian mince contains GM soya

16 February 1999

Vegetarian ‘mince’ contains GM soya

By FWi staff

VEGETARIAN “mince” and sausages sold under the Linda McCartney brand-name contain genetically modified (GM) soya – despite the makers assurances to the contrary.

Independent laboratory tests commissioned by BBC Newsnight found samples of the foods contained GM soya, the programme claimed yesterday (Monday).

A spokeswoman for Linda McCartney customer services initially told Newsnight that none of the products in the companys range contained GM ingredients.

“We only buy from segregated non-GM crops,” she told the programme. “We dont use genetically modified.”

But three tests by Worcestershire Scientific Services found the vegetarian meat contained traces of Roundup Ready Soya developed by US biotech giant Monsanto.

Since last September, the law has required all food products containing GM ingredients be labelled.

Sir Paul McCartney dismissed the notion that his late wifes food range regularly contains GM material and pledged to guarantee its GM-free status in the future.

But the ex-Beatle conceded that some contamination could have arisen from producers mixing GM-free soya with conventionally produced supplies last year.

“That would make it very difficult for companies like ours who pride themselves on the purity of their food,” he said. “We are unfortunately living in a GM world and I wish we werent.”

The company that makes the Linda McCartney products said it is inevitable that eventually even segregated non-GM crops will show traces of GM material.

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