Versatile disc and press unit offered

19 May 2000

Versatile disc and press unit offered

VADERSTAD has now introduced a combined disc and press unit – the Rexius-C Disc – which can be used in minimal cultivation systems, as well as conventional plough and work methods.

Based on the companys ring-press, two banks of serrated discs have been incorporated to run in front of the press. These are fitted to a detachable toll frame and can be raised or lowered in and out of work independently of the press unit.

The 43cm diameter discs are set to run at 12.5cm spacing and at a fixed 16 degree angle with each having its own suspension system.

Like other cultivator and drill manufacturers, Vaderstad envisages the Rexius-C to be used as part of a system.

According to managing director Tim Needham, the implement should be set to work only the top few inches of the soil.

"The design of the Rexius-C is such that it can handle large quantities of surface trash and with just two passes create a tilth suitable for the Rapid drill to work in," he says.

Mr Needham recommends the first pass is made at 30 degrees to the tramlines and the second at 30 degrees in the other direction.

"For autumn drilling these operations should take place just after the combine," he says. "Once the weeds have had a chance to chit, they are sprayed off and drilling can commence."

Two models are available – a 6.5m and an 8.2m – which require a power requirement of from 160 to 200hp and 200 to 250hp, respectively. Both models fold vertically for a transport width of 2.5m.

Price of the 6.5m version is £16,000.

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