Versatile round bale wrapper

4 February 2000

Versatile round bale wrapper

KVERNELAND has unveiled a new round bale wrapper which can be used either as a conventional trailed machine or in-line behind most makes of baler.

The T8s wrapping system comprises a table which rotates the bale longitudinally and two satellite arms which rotate around it to apply the film. Conical side support rollers keep the bale in the correct position as the bale rotates and, says Kverneland, enables wrapping to continue at high forward speeds without the bale being thrown off the table. Maximum bale size is 1.5m diameter, 1.25m wide.

One of the units main features is its ability to autosteer when operating directly behind a baler. Activated by sensors on the drawbar, the system is capable of being operated in one of four modes: following directly in line behind the baler, track following to negotiate gateways, locked in centre position for transport, and manual steering which is operated by a joystick for specific manoeuvring.

Normal operation when baling is for the wrapper to follow directly in line with the baler but all operating modes can be over-ridden manually should it be required. Autosteer can also be programmed to steer the wrapper to the side when unloading a bale to provide better clearance for the next pass with the baler.

Bale transfer from baler to wrapping table is achieved by using a sliding board which positions it correctly before it is moved to the table – the table leans forward when the bale is loaded.

Trialled last year by a North Yorkshire contractor, the unit is reported to have achieved up to 50 bales an hour when eight layers of plastic were being applied.

Price of the T8 wrapper starts at £13,570 with fixed axles and single satellite film arm. When equipped with Autosteer and twin satellites the price is listed at £19,520.

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