Versatile subsoiler claim

23 November 2001

Versatile subsoiler claim

EFFECTIVE subsoiling in a variety of soil conditions is the claim by Knight Farm Machinery for its latest Wing-Lift model.

Incorporating a double-beam, the subsoiler is equipped with legs that can be arranged in either classic "V" or staggered formation.

The 2.7m model is designed to work with three 800mm long legs or five shallower versions, while a 4m model can accept five 800mm legs, says Knight. For use in a range of soil conditions, subsoiling feet can be changed by bolting on different fittings.

To achieve consolidation, the packer unit comprises a hydraulically adjusted single row of closely spaced Triple-Press rings in 600mm or 700mm diameter.

Knight claims the design of the rings and an effective scraper system enables the Wing-Lift to work in wetter conditions and produce a more weatherproof finish than conventional presses.

Prices of the 2.7m and 4m Wing-Lift subsoilers are £6500 and £8850, respectively. &#42

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