18 August 2000


IN the race to provide cultivators that can produce a seed-bed in only one or two passes, non-powered equipment is becoming increasingly more varied. And the latest equipment being marketed by DBI Machinery of Skegness is no exception.

The G/RA cultivator range starts with a single row of discs followed by two rows of sub-soiling tines on the front half of the cultivator frame, to which any combination of spike roller, double star disc rolls, press rings, spiral coil or packer roller can be added.

"We have tried to make the G/RA as modular as possible by providing many different crumbling, rolling and packing options for the rear section of the machine," explains David Bowman of DBI. "A combination that might suit a farm in Oxfordshire probably wont suit one in Lincolnshire, so we have to offer machines that are versatile and adaptable. Theres even a drawbar option for those who wish to pull their own press rolls behind the cultivator."

Designed to operate directly into stubble, the G/RA is said to offer a combination of chopping, soil stirring and trash mixing functions, along with a sub-soiling effect from the mid-mounted tines.

"Unlike most non-powered cultivators on the market, maintaining a high forward speed is not necessary with this machine," explains Mr Bowman. "The sub-soiling tines pull the machine into the ground, so getting adequate penetration in dry, hard conditions will never be a problem. And the tines also apply significant downward pressure to the discs and rolls, increasing their effectiveness."

The Italian-built trailed machine sold through DBI comes in a variety of working widths from the 2.5m 25T, up to the 5.1m wide 51T. And Mr Bowman says the power requirement is in the region of 60-80hp per metre, depending on soil type.

Working depth of the tines can be set independently of the discs via a hydraulically adjustable tine carrying frame on the cultivators chassis, while an adjustable weight transfer linkage allows machine weight to be applied or removed from the front row of discs.

All trailed versions over 3m wide fold hydraulically to provide a transport width of just under 3m – and the rear roller sections fold vertically before folding forward to bring any overhanging weight closer to the cultivators axle, so maintaining a positive downward pressure on the tractor drawbar when in transport.

Prices of the DBI G/RA cultivator start from £14,895 for the 2.5m model equipped with discs and tines. &#42

Although forward speed is not essential, horsepower

is. Working on sloping ground meant this 3m wide

G/RA made full use of the 240hp on offer.

Below: David Bowman of DBI says the modular design of the G/RA cultivator enables growers to choose cultivator elements that will suit their own working conditions.

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