Vets probe cattle botulism deaths

7 July 2000

Vets probe cattle ‘botulism’ deaths

THE deaths of 136 cows from suspected botulism on a single Leicestershire farm is being investigated by government vets, reports The Guardian.

It is thought that some of the remaining 28 cows and one bull on the farm may die from the unconfirmed illness that claimed its first victim on 20 June.

Authorities are refusing to identify the farm involved, but milk and 2000 litres of ice-cream have been destroyed to prevent risk to humans, says the paper.

Food Standards Agency officials declined to confirm the nature of the illness, nor its source, but think the cattle may have contracted botulism, it adds.

Ministry of Agriculture officials said they believed the outbreak to be an isolated case. There is thought to be “no risk” to the human food chain.

  • The Guardian, page 13

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