`Victimised scientist claims higher head count for CJD deaths

13 July 1998

`Victimised scientist claims higher head count for CJD deaths

AT LEAST 16 more Britons may have died of the human form of BSE than the 27 official victims, a former government-funded scientist will tell the BSE inquiry today.

Harash Narang, who was made redundant from his job four years ago, will also claim that people started dying 11 years before the first recognised case of new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) was discovered in 1995.

He believes the establishment has either blocked or undermined important tests into both the cattle disease and its transmission to humans. He claims he identified the disease in humans in 1988.

Narash alleges he was ordered to stop experiments on possible transmission of BSE to humans in 1990 and when he refused, the rodents involved were killed.

He also says research leaders refused to fund his work that might have identified whether dead cattle entering the food chain had BSE without displaying symptoms.

The Public Health Laboratory Service, whom he accuses of victimisation, denies the charge. It said it sought to bring his work to scientific and professional attention despite his “misconduct”.

It says he was subject to two sets of disciplinary proceedings. One was over “unsafe practices” and the other over unauthorised investigations into CJD victims.

  • The Guardian 13/07/98 page 11

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