Videos: 10 memorable farming TV ads

A handlebar-moustached milk drinker is the star of the latest farming ad to hit our TV screens this week.

Agriculture has become one of the most diverse industries, so it is no surprise that it has leant itself to some of the most iconic commercials of the past decade.

Here Farmers Weekly rounds up 10 of the most memorable farming ads. Take a look at them and vote for your favourite in our poll below.

1. Hovis Farmer’s Lad (2012)

Shot on a Hovis wheat farm in north-west England, the 90-second Farmer’s Lad advert shows a father and his young son overcoming the challenges faced by growers, portraying the hard work – sometimes in wet and windy weather – that goes into making each loaf.

2. Yeo Valley Rap (2010)

Somerset’s Yeo Valley shot into the limelight when its rapping farmers first appeared in primetime TV adverts during breaks for The X Factor in autumn 2010. The ad gained popularity and after many requests, the advert was then available to download from iTunes. The song also charted at number 9 on the UK Indie Chart and number 17 on the UK R&B chart.

3. Dodge Ram trucks Super Bowl ad: God made a Farmer (2013)

US radio broadcaster Paul Harvey’s “So God Made me Farmer” speech was the inspiration for this commercial by Dodge Ram. The ad was used during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVII. In collaboration with the National FFA (a national youth organisation of future farmers), Dodge agreed to donate US$100,000 for every 1m views the YouTube video of the ad received up to $1m. The goal was reached in less than five days.

4. Wyke Farms Cheddar “Ode to the Cow” (2014)

Somerset cheesemaker Wyke Farms launched a £1.2m autumn advertising campaign, which also featured this TV commercial, “Ode to the Cow”. The ad, which aired during Coronation Street breaks, was made by acclaimed English film director Ridley Scott’s firm, RSA Films.

5. Kronenbourg 1664 – The Farmers of Alsace (2013)

Kronenbourg’s latest official beer advert stars former Manchester United and France football legend Eric Cantona. The funny ad features Cantona and the farmers of Alsace who grow the hops used to produce it.

6. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Milk Mustache ad (2013)

The Milk Mustache Got Milk? campaign featured during the Super Bowl 2013 commercials ads. Professional wrestler and film star Dwayne Johnson plays an action hero whose role is to save the day and get some milk.

7. Adrian Ivory – Asda beef (2010)

This ad shows award-winning beef farmer Adrian at work on his farm near Meigle, in Perthshire, and serving up a roast in the family kitchen as he talks about the quality of his 28-day matured beef,  available exclusively at Asda. Adrian, who was crowned Farmer of the Year in the Farmers Weekly Awards in 2008, is well-known for his pedigree Simmental and Charolais herds.

8. Health and Safety Executive (NI) – farm safety campaign ad (2015)

This hard-hitting TV advert to promote safety around farm vehicles was launched by the Farm Safety Partnership in Northern Ireland in March 2015. The ad features the possible aftermath of the accidental death of a young boy on a farm. It stresses that such accidents can be avoided by putting in place simple safety measures.

9. Devondale Chilled Milk (2014)

This Australian ad features businessmen and -women in suits making fools of themselves on farms. It takes a swipe at corporate rivals who are investing heavily in overseas dairy markets. However, the ad divided opinion among Aussie dairy farmers, with some describing it as “bizarre” and critical of everyone beyond the farmgate.

10. Strongbow Bittersweet (2014)

Strongbow’s Bittersweet ad paid homage to the farmers who grow the one billion cider apples needed each year to produce its cider. The 40-second clip, which aired in July, featured the apple orchards of Herefordshire.

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