Vigilance could help staggers

8 May 1998

Vigilance could help staggers

STAGGERS continues to be a concern for sheep producers after the prolonged wet, cold weather.

According to Penrith-based vet Matt Colston, vigilance is the key to reducing staggers risk.

"Theres no way of telling which sheep are most at risk from staggers, which is caused by a combination of diet and stress.

"Although offering a supplement such as a lick or block can help, it can lull you into a false sense of security you cant guarantee all animals will take it."

ADAS sheep nutritionist Kate Phillips says producers should continue to offer ewes concentrate with added calcined magnesite where staggers is a concern.

"Continue to feed some concentrate, adding 7g/ewe/day calcined magnesite to reduce staggers risk. Feeding will also boost ewe performance – wet weather means dry matter intake from grass is often insufficient, reducing ewe milk yield and lamb growth." Once concentrate feeding ceases, consider free access minerals and boluses. &#42

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