Villagers film a black comedy

17 May 2002

Villagers film a black comedy

VILLAGERS on the Herefords-Powys border teamed up to make its own film about a future without farming.

The community of Eskleyside worked with the Rural Media Comedy charity to make Shroves – a black comedy set on Shrove Tuesday.

The film centres on the 100-year-old Eskleyside Agricultural Society, which was forced to cancel its annual ploughing match last year because of the foot and mouth outbreak.

All stopped

Farmer turned film performer Sue Atkinson from Dorstone, Herefordshire, said: "Last year the whole fabric of rural life was stopped – plays in the church, Womens Institute and Young Farmers meetings; everything."

The 121/2 minute film will be screened at 7pm-9pm a special premiere this Sunday (May 19) at Fairfield School, Peterchurch, Herefordshire. Admission is free and it is suitable for children. &#42

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