Voters turn over Naish conflict

22 March 2002

Voters turn over Naish conflict

NFU council delegates have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a resolution that would pave the way to expelling former president Sir David Naish from the unions governing body.

Sir David, who earned much acclaim during the BSE crisis, has fallen out of favour with other council delegates because they claim there is a conflict of interest with his commercial concerns – he will become chairman of Express Dairies on Apr 1.

"Express has been a strong influence in the downward pressure on the market," said Glamorgan council delegate Ed Rees. "It was a key backer to pull out of the White Stuff campaign."

The Glamorgan NFU branch put forward a resolution for the union to consider the issue of enabling council to vote off life members. Former presidents automatically become life members of council so cannot yet be voted off. Just one member opposed the resolution.

But another life member, former president Sir Simon Gourlay said it would be regrettable if Sir David was voted off the council purely because he was involved with a commercial food company. "Being on council gives him no commercial advantage whatsoever. I cannot why theres any conflict of interest." &#42

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