Warning about bad ventilation

11 December 1998

Warning about bad ventilation

MORE than half of all livestock buildings included in a recent survey were under-ventilated, increasing risk of pneumonia and respiratory ailments, warns SAC head of building design Mike Kelly.

Many buildings are erected with inadequate ventilation, he says. "Builders often submit quotes based on the cheapest solution which may include inappropriate for the livestock in the building." A survey of 300 buildings by SACs design team found that more than half, covering a number of designs, had poor ventilation.

Buildings must be designed with winter housed livestock in mind when ventilation is most critical, he explains.

"As a general rule, there should be twice the outlet area compared with inlet area assuming all doorways are closed," says Mr Kelly. "Ridge outlets should ideally be 30cm wide for adequate airflow."

Using a computer programme, SAC advisers can, for a fee starting at £60, calculate the correct area of air inlets and outlets given a buildings dimensions and the number, weight and stock housed, explains Mr Kelly. &#42

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