Waste wizard offers a new alternative for farm waste

Designed by farmer/inventor James Ringer the Waste Wizard is a stand-alone compactor that relies on ballast weight rather than hydraulics to compact farm waste such as fertiliser bags, seed sacks, silage wrap and net wrap into convenient bundles ahead of disposal.

At £2600 plus delivery the metal box can compact 60 large fertiliser sacks in its capricious 1600-litre chamber to produce a bale slightly larger in size to a conventional straw/hay bale.

The stand-alone box design utilises a mast or telescopic handler with a lift rating of 2000kgs to raise the 1000kg ballast before waste material is hand fed into the compactor.

Greencrop Waste Wizard 200

Lowering the ballast squeezes the material before refilling and ahead of ubiquitous packaging ribbon being threaded through integral guides to secure the bale together.

The outer box is then secured to the ballast frame and lifted allowing the bale to exit onto the floor simply and easily in a one-man operation. “This should remove the need to have a waste collector on-farm where producers can take their own material for recycling,” said Mr Ringer.

The unit comes complete with a roll of ribbon, crimp clips and hand-held crimper. (01485 528 977)

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