Watch out! Dog thieves about

15 August 1997

Watch out! Dog thieves about

Watch out! Dog thieves about

After Barbara McGarrys letter (Farmlife, Aug 1) I thought I would write to you about our bitch Pip, who is missing, and also several other collies from the same area.

Pip is three years old. She is black and white, lightly built, fairly small, about 17kg, with a long wavy coat, not curly. She has a pointed nose, with a white line running between her eyes that divides leaving a black spot on her forehead. She was gentle and friendly and much loved by all of us.

She had puppies at Christmas, but had eclampsia and the vet said she should never be mated again.

On Mar 12 we left her on the lawn for half an hour in the sun with her puppies. We never saw her again. Two people said she was by the farm entrance. After extensive searching the only conclusion we can come to is that she was stolen, probably to sell on. We think she was enticed down to the road. This was the third collie in our area to disappear in two weeks and there have been others since in Kent and Sussex.

We are offering a reward for her safe return. We would also like to warn other farmers of how vulnerable their dogs are. We feel this was an organised theft, and not an opportunist one.

Gill Hesselgrave

Stone House Farm, Hellingly, Hailsham, East Sussex.

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