Web-site gets good support

22 June 2001

Web-site gets good support

A web-site set-up to help livestock sales in Wales has gained strong support among farmers, breed societies and auctioneers following its launch this week.

Gwern and Pryderi Hughes, whose father Richard runs 85 dairy cows and 400 breeding ewes at Llwyndyrys, Gwynedd, started dev-eloping the site when it became clear that the big autumn breeding and store stock sales would be cancelled.

They believe the time is ripe for electronic livestock trading to take-off and reckon producers will be better off if abattoirs bid for finished animals listed on web-sites.

The brothers are planning to market IT packages, including digital cameras and the software to manage web-site bidding.

"Several auctioneers are creating stock databases, but we can help them take this a stage further using a special bidding tool we have developed," says Gwern.

The site is due to go on-line this week and will have two domain names (www.thenewmarket.com, and www.marchnadnewydd.com).

Users must register, but then can input details of stock for sale, set minimum prices, dictate what form of payment is acceptable, and decide how long bids last for.

Pictures can also be posted by sellers who have digital cameras. Customers, who must also register, will bid and the successful buyer will be informed by e-mail.

Those who register early will not be charged, but a nominal administration fee will be imposed. &#42

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