Welfare threat as EU bans feed additives

By John Farrant

AN EU ban on six anti-parasite feed additives could cause welfare problems for poultry and game birds, according to the British Poultry Council (BPC).

Agriculture Council ministers voted last month to ban the anticoccidials nicarbazin, dimetridazole, amprolium, amprolium/ethopabate, meticlorpindol, metichlorpindol/methylbenzoquate.

These products are in the ongoing review of existing approvals, but the manufacturers have not produced the required data in time.

As a result, the six will be banned without consultation with the poultry sector.

Action by the BPC ensured that the UK voted to retain at least three important feed additives among the six, but our minister was outnumbered.

The BPC stated: “The loss of the anticoccidials nicarbazin and amprolium will be a severe blow against both poultry welfare and poultry producers.

“Similarly, dimetridazole is effective against turkey blackhead and its loss would have serious welfare and economic implications.

“It is astonishing that the Commission can propose that these essential products can be withdrawn simply because the deadline for some of the data has been missed, and without any consideration for the impact on bird welfare or poultry producers.”

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