Welsh assembly to lift beef/bone ban

14 May 1999

Welsh assembly to lift beef/bone ban

ONE of the first acts of the National Assembly for Wales could be to lift the beef-on-the-bone ban.

The right to do this was confirmed during the election campaign, and a vote to end the ban could be taken as soon as the powers of secondary legislation pass to Cardiff on July 1.

On Wednesday this week, the day members met for the first time, Tories tabled a motion to reverse the ban.

It seems likely that Plaid Cymru and the Lib-Dems will honour similar pre-election promises. In the absence of an overall Labour majority, or formal power sharing, the move would almost certainly succeed.

But, in a statement, First Secretary Alun Michael said he believed that the assembly would attract adverse publicity if it rushed into lifting the ban without reading a report from the chief medical officer due this summer.

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