Wet weather hits north-east Scots

9 November 2001

Wet weather hits north-east Scots

MANY growers in north-east Scotland have given up hope of planting winter wheat, because of the seemingly never-ending rain.

farmers weekly Farmer Focus writer Ron Duncan (see p70), who farms 222ha (550 acres) at Begrow Farms, near Elgin, Morayshire, is typical of growers along the Moray coast.

"In 30 years of farming I have never failed to get my wheat in. But, after sowing 20 acres of a planned 150 acres this year, I have given up. It just wont stop raining."

Financially, the switch to spring barley will be painful. "I will miss the wheat like hell. It has been our most profitable crop by far in recent years."

Winter barley is also suffering. Colin Smith from Keith, Banffshire, says crops emerged well. "But now fine healthy green barley is turning black and just lying in water." &#42

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