What size tractor do I need for a Simba Freeflow?

13 November 2001

What size tractor do I need for a Simba Freeflow?

I have recently bought a Simba 8m Freeflow drill. What size tractor will I need to pull it?

As a general rule I would plan on 40hp per metre drill width to pull a Freeflow.

If you have banked fields then the power needs to be increased to around 45 50 hp per metre.

With cultivator drills like the Freeflow there is no substitute for horse power – the more you have the faster you can go. This then does wonders for your output per day.

Also make sure that your tractor has enough grip. Very often you will run out of grip rather than power, especially on hills.

A tracked machine would be my choice around 350 – 400hp.

From:Steve Townsend

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