Wheat harvest started after rain

14 August 2001

Wheat harvest started after rain

RAIN has delayed the start of the wheat harvest for Roger Middleditch, who farms with his cousin Robert at Wrentham on the Suffolk coast.

They started combining Malacca wheat at 19% on Tuesday (14 August). The farm has received 35mm of rain in the last week. “The wheat is going to be a mixed bag. Early drilled crops should be good, but January-drilled crops will be a lottery.

“After the rain, people in the area are worrying about sprouting in the ears of wheat.”

Oilseed rape and winter barley crops have already been completed. Oilseed rape yields averaged 3.7t/ha (1.5t/acre), with Fortress performing better than Apex and Madrigal.

Barley yields averaged at 6.8t/ha (2.75t/acre), with Regina slightly better than Pearl and Fanfare. Most of the crop will make malting grade.

“The yields for barley and oilseed rape were about par.”

Soil on the farm varies from sand to clay. He notes that barley did better on the lighter land.

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