Wheat needs to be harvested

9 August 2001

Wheat needs to be harvested

PHILIP DARKE of Camgrain, covering southern East Anglia, says, “the wheat needs to be harvested. Another week of this could ruin the wheat harvest.”

Last week 7000t of Malacca was delivered. “There was no problem with quality. Protein was 13%, Hagberg ranged from 250-350, with a struggling specific weight of 76Kg/hl.”

Rain this week has been varied. Today there are combines moving near Bishops Stortford.

“We can dry it all here. We would rather the farmers get through it. Some are combining at 21%! The weather has been a bit depressing this week.”

He estimates that there is less than 5% of winter barley and oilseed rape still to be cut.

“Yields have been disappointing on heavy land and quite encouraging on lighter land.” Pearl and Regina have done well.

Some Optic spring barley has also been combined. Nitrogen has been varied but it is still usable.

“Im not so worried about spring barley as it was drilled at varied times and therefore will come fit at different times.”

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