Wheat quality varied, but reasonable

23 August 2001

Wheat quality varied, but reasonable

WHEAT quality is reasonable according to Liz Craig of Dalgetys in Shrewsbury, who covers the west region up Lancashire, Cheshire and Staffordshire and Shropshire in the south.

She estimates that 10% of the wheat area has been combined.

“Wheat is all over the place. Protein is generally on the low side, but not below milling quality. Malacca and Hereward are about 12.2-12.3%.

Hagbergs are not too bad at about 300. Specific weights are on the low side, but still OK, about 74.5-75kg/hl.”

She says the wheat has the potential to get worse. They have had a good run of harvesting the last few days but there was a heavy shower this morning.

Wheat yields are varied from 4.9-10t/ha (2-4t/acre). Yields are depending on soil type and conditions of drilling.

Early samples of Optic spring barley have been good quality. Nitrogen is about 1.6% and screenings are as low as 1.5-2%.

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