Where theres muck, theres brass – surveyor

By FWi staff

FARMERS could make good money by composting part of Britains 27m tonnes of municipal waste, says Midlands-based chartered surveyor, Fisher German.

Under the governments Waste Strategy 2000 scheme, 25% of household waste should be recycled or composted by 2005.

According to the firms Trevor Wells farmers can either rent land to waste management companies or set up their own low-cost operation.

The return on investment can be high as compost sites are charging up to 20/t to shred and compost delivered waste.

As a bonus the compost, which is ready after six to 10 weeks, is high in nutrients and Mr Wells says producers can save on fertiliser bills by spreading it over their land.

Any site will require planning consent, but as long as the volume of waste does not exceed 1000m3, the site will be exempt from the Waste Management Licensing Regulations 1994.

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