White Stuff milk is winning brand

31 August 2001

White Stuff milk is winning brand

By FWi staff

BRANDING milk as the White Stuff has added 38m litres to UK sales in its first year of generic advertising, believes the National Dairy Council.

The sales-boost exceeds the target of 35m litres set by the industry, said Andrew Ovens, the organisations marketing manager.

Some 9m of funding, collected from farmers and processors, has been spent on TV and radio advertising, featuring sports stars and celebrities.

High visibility posters, a promotional trailer, point of sale displays and branded packaging have also been used to boost sales.

Consumers have returned to drinking milk and nine out of 10 people recognise the campaign, said Mr Ovens.

The promotional drive is on track to increase sales by 60m litres over 18 months, he added, and the council is proposing a second 18-month campaign.


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