Why farm subsidies and not other industries?

21 March 2000

Why farm subsidies and not other industries?

FURTHER to my earlier comments on the UK agricultual industry (Farming must face up to the real world, I would like to make one further point and ask one simple question.

What I wrote earlier was simple a brief outline of my views in relation to subsides. This is only a personal view, and I do realise that the whole question is not black and white.

Each individual farmers needs are different and it would be extremely hard for me to comment on each one.

However, I am well aware of the hard work and long hours that have to go into farming, but I stand by what I said before subsides should be removed.

Please could some one explain to me why farmers should be treated differently from other UK industries, and have hundreds of millions of the taxpayers pounds paid to them to support their individual businesses.

I have asked this question many a time at my university and as yet I have not received an satisfactory answer.

  • JTS, Chelmsford, Essex

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