Why so many stayed home

6 March 1998

Why so many stayed home

&#8226 "It was primarily a pro-hunt march with the organisers skilfully co-opting a lot of other interests to soften the edges. I sympathise greatly with the beef producers who are really suffering. But the argument that agriculture is badly treated is a bit gratuitous bearing in mind that its the last industry that receives significant subsidies." – former Tory MP and Glos farmer Phillip Oppenheim.

&#8226 "The march was a public relations disaster for farming. The vast majority of people want hunting banned and farmers shouldnt be linking arms with the field sports lobby if they want public support." – dairy calf and arable farmer Gill Purser from the Cotswolds.

&#8226 "It doesnt matter whether you live in a flat in London or a farm in Cheshire, the majority of people are against hunting and so am I." – smallholder Nicky Green, Cheshire.

&#8226 "I was worried that the farming issue would be sidelined and the hunting brigade would take the march over. It turned out to be true." – beef farmer Arthur Alsop, 53ha (130 acres), mid-Warwicks. &#42

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