Why trail mowers when you can tractor-mount?

16 October 1998

Why trail mowers when you can tractor-mount?

By Andy Collings

WHY spend out on a 3m trailed mower conditioner when a tractor-mounted version can cost half as much?" reasons Tim Baker, Vicons technical manager.

The answer, he says, is that until now at least, a 3m (10ft) tractor mounted mower conditioner with its weight and ungainly handling characteristics has not been considered a sensible option.

"To be feasible, a large tractor-mounted mower needs to be as light as possible. I believe we have achieved this in the new Vicon DMP TC mower range – the 2.4m 2401 TC and the 3m 3001 TC which now replace the AMS conditioner models."

While cynics might suggest lightness compromises strength, Mr Baker stresses the new models have been rigorously tested for any shortfalls in this department.

Vicon uses the same disc mower design employed in the companys other mower ranges: six discs in the 2.4m and eight in the 3m.

The conditioner unit has a large diameter rotor with nylon tines – an arrangement which, says Vicon, provides effective conditioning yet has low power requirements.

When mowing, the cutting bed is raised and lowered independently of the tractor linkages which remain at a set height. At the headland a spool valve is activated to angle the far end of the bed upwards before the whole bed is raised clear of the ground.

Grass exiting the mower can be left in a swath or, if the hoods deflector vanes are reset, spread across its full width.

Adjustment of the vanes is made by loosening a thumb screw and pulling two levers – one for each half of the mower.

Included in the build is a break-back mechanism and a variable rate ground pressure system to allow the bed to ride over crop obscuring obstacles.

Suitable for use with tractors in the 70-90hp bracket, the DMP TC mower conditioners cost £7550 for the 2401 and £8250 for the 3001. &#42

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