6 July 2001


THE Keenan System of TMR feeding is simple, flexible and proven to be successful. At the heart of the system is the Klassik mixer-wagon. What sets it apart from others is the Klassiks unique ability to chop and mix ingredients without destroying the feed structure that is critical to maintaining rumen and animal health. This is essential for the efficient conversion of farm-grown feeds and forages into milk and beef, resulting in higher returns.

The Klassiks unique mixing capability presents animals with the correct feed structure in a Total Mixed Ration (TMR) that encourages maximum dry matter intake. Correct feed structure, achieved through incorporating straw to the desired length and through gentle mixing, acts on the rumen wall to promote cud chewing.

This in turn aids digestion by raising the pH, leading to optimum rumen conditions which result in healthier stock that convert feed more efficiently.

The Klassik produces an open-textured ration that when offered ad-lib encourages animals to eat little and often. This reduces feed-related stress and competition and ensures all animals achieve their maximum dry matter intake.

Healthy and content animals with high dry-matter intakes are the foundation for long-term stable and profitable milk and beef production.

Now read the rules and answer the question on this page.

Win a new Keenan System in our

summer competition. Just look for

the competition pages over the next

five weeks, answer the questions

and fill out the coupon that will

appear in the FW issue of Aug 3

Question 1:

What does the Klassiks unique mixing capability present animals with?

A: Heavy, compacted feed

B: The correct feed structure

C: Damaged feed structure

Keep a note of the answer and use it to fill in the coupon that will appear on the competition page in the Aug 3 issue of farmers weekly


The Keenan System partners the Klassiks innovative

mixing design with Keenan nutritional support to deliver the correct feed structure for optimum health,

performance and long-term farm profits.


1: How is the Keenan System to be won? There will be one

question in each of the FW issues of July 6, 13, 20, 27 and Aug 3. There will be a chance to answer all five questions and complete the tiebreaker in the coupon that will appear in the Aug 3 issue. In the event of a tie, a further short

questionnaire may be used to decide the winner.

2: The prize is a Keenan System including a £21,000 Klassik

mixer-wagon and full nutritional support. No cash alternatives

are available.

3: The decision of the judges and of the editor of FW will in all matters be final and legally binding.

4: The competition is open to all farmers, farm managers,

contractors and farm workers in the UK and Eire, except employees of Reed Business Information and their families, or employees of Richard Keenan UK Ltd and its

distributors, or of FWs printers.

5: The winner must agree to

participate in the publicity

activities associated with the


6: Closing date for receiving

completed coupons is Aug 17, 2001. They should be addressed to: farmers weekly/Keenan Klassik Competition, farmers weekly, Quadrant House, The Quadrant, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5AS.

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