Wiseman on the attack

By Farmers Weekly staff

ROBERT Wiseman Dairies believes the Competition Commission inquiry into fresh milk supply to the middle market in Scotland is a direct result of other dairy firms trying to undermine its expansion plans further south.

Alan Wiseman, chairman, said: “We are confident that the Competition Commission will find that Wiseman has not behaved in an anti-competitive way, but merely responded commercially to competitor activity which, we believe, represents an attempt to deter us from our expansion in England.”

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Bruton Knowles

North of the border, Wiseman, which controls about 70% of the Scottish milk market, has been locked in a price battle with Express Dairies.

But he insisted that the diversionary tactics would not work. Wiseman opened its Manchester dairy in 1995, now processing 320m litres of milk a year.

It intends to build a 400m-litre-a-year plant in Droitwich, near Birmingham, which should be operational by next spring.

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