Woman walker sues farmer after trampling by cows

12 May 1998

Woman walker sues farmer after trampling by cows

By FWi staff

FARMERS grazing livestock on public access areas have been advised to pitch signs warning of the dangers after a woman trampled by cows successfully sued a farmer for £3,000.

Diane Ramsden was walking along the Dalesway in August, 1996, when she was trampled by cows – resulting in injuries so severe she was forced to take six weeks off work.

Mrs Ramsden was walking along the Dalesway public footpath with her dog when she entered a field of cows with young calves. The dog was apparently on a lead and did not bark. There was no notice advising her to take extra care because of the presence of calves.

On entering the field the cows approached her, pushed her to the ground and trampled on her resulting in multiple soft tissue injuries that caused her to take time off work.

The field was owned by Clays of Addingham Ltd and the claim was settled by the owners insurance company. One week after the accident, signs and an electric fence were erected to keep the animals separate from the public right of way. She successfully sued the landowner for £3,000.

Mrs Ramsdens solicitors, Russell Jones & Walker, commented: “This is an important result and should lead to increased safety for the public when walking on public footpaths in the countryside.”

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