Wool clip figure down

By FWi Staff

FINAL wool clip figures for the 1999/ 2000 season show a fall of almost 8% on the year to 45.7m kg.

This reflects a small reduction in average clip weight and a 4% drop in the number of registered producers, to 77,995, says the British Wool Marketing Board.

Accounts for the year ended Apr 30, 2000 show that the 1999 clip was worth 29.9m, with sales averaging almost 65p/kg, about 3p down on the year.

The lower price, coupled with a fall in stocks, meant sales were about 3m below the previous year. After deducting operating costs, producers received 21.3m, or 46.6p/kg.

A new, more efficient head office and depot and better wool collection should enable savings to be made, says Wool Board chairman, Alun Evans. Research on making and marketing new insulation products has been positive, and manufacture is expected to begin soon.

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