Worst to come?

21 September 2001

Worst to come?

THE worst could still be to come as far as the effect the countryside crisis is having on peoples health, fear rural doctors.

Floods, fuel prices and foot-and-mouth are all taking their toll, says Kate Mitchinson of the Institute of Rural Health.

"First, the fuel crisis impacted on rural areas where public transport is not readily available. Secondly, many areas were hit by flooding with affected communities and farmers cut off for days at a time. Then came foot-and-mouth which has dealt a severe blow to communities, individuals and businesses alike.

"Farmers and their families who have been isolated by F&M have experienced enforced social withdrawal. Many people shut themselves away for weeks at a time. The impact on the health and wellbeing of rural communities has been profound."

A conference called Floods, fuel and foot-and-mouth has been organised by the Institute of Rural Health and will take place on Sep 25 at Gregynog Hall in Powys. For details, call 01686-650800.

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