23 August 2002


CHILDREN across the country have been busy and Farmlife has been inundated with entries for our School Milk Matters art competition. It gave children up to 11 years old a chance to showcase their artistic talents, have some fun and stress the importance of school milk. The two lucky winners can now look forward to hours of fun with their prizes – a great trampoline each from Super Tramp.

Kids drew, painted, crayoned and felt-tipped all sorts of pictures. They came in all shapes and sizes. Among the entries there were pictures of people, cows, tractors, tankers and milk bottles. One of the themes that came up time and time again, however, was that drinking milk helps give you strong bones and teeth.

Here are the two winning entries and some of the others that caught the judges eye. Try not to be disappointed if yours isnt among them – the entries were of a really high standard and picking the eventual winners was a difficult task.

Winner left

(Six to 11 age group)

Imaginative, but with close attention to detail… This one came from eight-year-old Emma Westgate, of Plumpton Green, East Sussex. It shows all sorts of milk drinkers under the heading Strong Bones, including a grown-up, a baby and even a cat! We also like the way it uses milk bottle tops – the hot-air balloon, floating away over the carefully-coloured countryside, is made of one.

Winner above (Five and under age group)

Four-year-old Samuel Day, of Great Ayton, Middlesbrough, is the deserving winner in this group with his painting of a cow and three people. Its a bright, happy picture – the smile on the cows face is as broad as the smile on the peoples. At the bottom it says: We like Milk. And that, after all, just about sums up the School Milk Matters campaign!

Above: Hannah Morgan, 11, could have a career as a cartoonist ahead of her. We just adored the big eyes on this cow which proudly holds in its hoof a sign declaring Milk For Schools.

Left: Lotta bottle…

Five-year-old Emily Robinsons entry features a bottle. Emily, from Cumnock, Ayrshire, obviously likes experimenting with all sorts of colours.

Left: Before and after… This one from nine-year-old Ethan Towler made the judges laugh. It shows someone growing as they drink milk and so gets across how good for you milk is. Ethan lives at Thurleigh, Beds.

Left: Great British milk… This one from 10-year-old Emma Lewis from Dilwyn, Herefordshire, shows a cow, a tanker, milk bottles and a happy little girl holding some milk. The judges also liked its patriotic theme. The School Milk Matters campaign is all about helping British kids and helping British farmers, after all…

Right: How cool is this… Just look at how eye-catching this one is from 11-year-old Claire Stewart of Rhynd, Perth. It must have taken ages to do.

Above: The calf likes drinking its mummys milk is the title of this entry from five-year-old Emma Hinchley, of Bloxholm, Lincs. Emmas got a great sense of shape and proportion for such a young artist. And we just loved the pretty face shes given the cow. Look at its long eyelashes and deep-red tongue…


The two winners each get a Super Tramp trampoline. On its way to Emma is the Prince 18 worth £399, while Samuels prize is a Frog worth £239. For more information on Super Tramp products, contact them on 01884-841305, info@supertramp.co.uk or at www.supertramp.co.uk

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