Wrapped attention round and square

8 December 2000

Wrapped attention round and square

DOWDESWELL now has a bale wrapper which can wrap both round and square bales. The trailed T865 has a wrapping table equipped with four self-aligning powered rollers which, when handling square bales, ensure that the bale remains centrally on the table.

Round bales from 1.2m to 1.5m diameter and square bales measuring up to 0.9m x 0.9m and 1.7m in length can be wrapped by the T865. Bales are loaded using a hydraulic bale arm which can have a hydraulic side shift to allow different bale sizes to be accommodated.

The unit, as standard, is fitted with an offset 750mm pre-stretch unit but an option provides a twin film feed system which is claimed to reduce wrapping times significantly. The system employs UATs Mimarap PS film which can be stretched by 155% and enables eight layers of film to be applied in just eleven revolutions of the bale.

In standard build, the T865 bale wrapper costs £9852, with the hydraulic loading arm and side shift adding a further £1126.

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