Young farming families suffering severe hardship

31 December 1998

Young farming families suffering severe hardship

The Daily Telegraph reports on the discovery of hundreds of young farming families in Britain who are forced to seek aid to cover the bare essentials of life.

The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Association in Oxford, the main farming charity, reports a sharp increase in calls for help and assistance.

It says it has helped 100 families and has paid out more than £65,000 since its helpline service came on stream.

The charity had formerly concentrated on looking after retired farmers and their families in its own residential homes. It is now providing care for working farming families.

It cannot help with bills connected with the business but meets food, electricity, gas, coal and council tax bills.

The Daily Telegraph also illustrates the story with a detailed look at one farming family.

  • The Daily Telegraph 31/12/98 page 14

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