Free-range robots on Countryfile

Innovative free-range egg producer/packer, the Lakes Free Range Egg Company, has been featured on the BBC flagship programme about farming and the countryside, Countryfile.

In the programme, owners David and Helen Brass were commended for their work planting trees on the range to reduce feather pecking, and participating in research to prove it, as well as their installation of a new high-tech robotic packing station.

“David and Helen are forward-thinking and passionate about their hens – it’s been amazing to find out just what is involved in free-range egg production,” BBC Countryfile presenter Katie Knapman said

“The packing station is very efficient and automated, then, in contrast, you walk into a field full of trees and hens and see how quiet and calm they are.”

Mr Brass said his attitude to his farm had always be to work in harmony with the environment and do what’s best for his birds, as well as their biggest customer, McDonalds.

“It’s the things we do right that appeal to McDonald’s and our supermarket customers; like caring for our environment, planting trees, looking after our wildlife, reducing our carbon footprint and constantly being innovative,” he said.

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