Harry’s Eggs win taste award

Co Durham organic egg producer Harry Hodgson has won a Soil Association Food Award for the quality of his eggs, as judged by a panel of chefs and food critics.

Some 500 food products across 34 categories were blind-tasted over three days at the Duke of Cambridge pub in London, and Mr Hodgson’s “Harry’s Eggs”, won through in the egg section.

“We put so much work and effort into all that we do, so its great to receive recognition for what we already believed,” said Mr Hodgson, who started with his first flock at Pierecebridge Farm as a six-year-old.

“Because we keep the hens in small units, they all have a much more natural life and have much freer access to grass and to the range. It’s all this goodness which makes the eggs taste so great.”

Soil Association certification consultant, Finn Cottle, said the awards showcased the best of organic food and drink. “As the organic market returns to growth, this is a great time to encourage wider availability of these products so that more people can enjoy them.”

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