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Crops Magazine is evolving to bring you smarter online information solutions.

The interactive tools below are designed to help you get advice and information in a quicker and easier way. Click, watch, listen and learn.

Issue 7: Anaerobic digesters - how do they work?

Take yourself on a virtual tour of an on-farm biogas plant. Discover how it works, get a taster of the future of the technology and unravel the complexities of energy crops.

Crops Digital Issue 7 is brought to you in association with Farmplan

Issue 8: Spring cropping options compared

Take yourself on a virtual tour of the key spring crop options including the pros and cons of each crop. Discover how the economics stack up on your farm by using our interactive gross margin calculator, allowing you to compare the options side-by-side.

Issue 6: Seed variety guide

With 47 recommended wheat varieties and 55 oilseed rape varieties it can prove tricky to find the right one for your farm. In this interactive section we enable you to easily compare the stengths and weaknesses of all the Recommended List varieties.

Crops Digital Issue 6 is brought to you in association with Syngenta

Issue 5: Safe use of treated seed

Our interactive guide gives you practical tips on correctly handling treated seed to minimise exposure of users and wildlife to the active ingredients contained in the seed treatment. Getting this right will help the industry secure the long-term future of these valuable products. Plus on-video advice from Cambridgeshire grower Edd Banks on seedbed preparation and drill setup to ensure seed is fully buried.

Crops Digital Issue 5 is brought to you in association with Syngenta

Issue 4: Solar PV: Still a simple solution

The Feed-in Tariff may have been cut, but solar PV still remains a great solution for farm businesses. Our interactive guide gives practical tips on how solar PV works, how it should be installed and maintained and videos of advice from experts and one of the first solar farmers in the UK. There is also an interactive map of solar PV installations in the UK. Click on the buttons to find out more...

Crops Digital Issue 4 is brought to you in association with EvoEnergy

Issue 3: Make the most of your sprayer

Growers should aim to get the most out of their fungicides and maximise sprayer efficiency this season. To help you on your way we picked up some top tips from award winning spray operator Andrew Myatt. Click on the points on the sprayer to see what advice Andrew had to offer on sprayer set-up, machine maintenance and storage

Crops Digital Issue 3 is brought to you in association with Syngenta

Issue 0: Campaign for the Farmed Environment

This exclusive interactive guide was launched to help farmers meet the requirements of the Campaign for the Farmed Environment. It includes specially commissioned media-rich content, such as videos that provide management guidelines on establishing sown mixtures, and audio clips of what other farmers are doing to meet CFE targets.

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